Cars Loved by the ‘Frat Bros’

Ram 1500 Rebel

Even if you have passed by your frat days long ago, or you are a woman and never would have considered being a “Frat Boy” you can certainly appreciate the cars that have come across as classifying to be favorites among the younger generation of men.  The reason these cars are so envied is the sport, utility, style, and brash and brazen attitude these vehicles bring to the table for the enjoyment of you the owner.  These thirteen will give you the excitement you desire along with the look and feel you enjoy in a way that is bold and “in your face”.

Infiniti Q60

The Q60 which was renamed from the G37 is a coupe that offers amazing handling, a powerful engine, and a style that is gorgeous and sporty.  This strong performance coupe has been the envy of many at the frat house and gains its power from the 3.7-liter V6 engine that is attached to a throaty exhaust that simple screams “look at me”.  This car makes a great choice for anyone to enjoy the drive and fun that the Q60 has to offer, especially with the new technology and upgraded luxury appointments.

Audi S5

This sport version of the A5 shows off the quad circle logo and makes for a fantastic drive in the sport-coupe from with a blacked out look.  The high performance supercharged V6 gives it the impressive power needed to be an amazing sports car and the Quattro all-wheel drive makes this an awesome choice for year round  driving in any climate.  This car may seem a bit too sophisticated for the juvenile crowd found at a typical frat house, until you sit behind the wheel and feel the fun and excitement that is aboard one of these beauties.

Jeep Wrangler

It’s not a real summer party unless someone pulls up on a Jeep Wrangler.  As a phenomenal SUV that has been able to carry forward much of the look and feel of the original Wrangler models this SUV offers some of the most rugged and retro feeling of any vehicle on the road today, allowing you to enjoy the great fun of having the doors off and top down in the summertime.  As the real “go anywhere” vehicle, the Wrangler makes a bold statement of testosterone filled fun at just about any event it  appears at, even when being driven by the fairer sex.

Range Rover Sport

As the top end of SUV models, the frat house these beauties are found at generally are occupied by offspring of very wealthy parents.  Even so, the supercharged SVR model that brings in a 5.0-liter V8 which can certainly attract plenty of attention from the power that is easily heard under the hood.  Of course the Range Rover Sport is not reserved for the offspring of the wealthy, but makes for a fantastic SUV for anyone to drive as it is full of fun and gives one of the best off road feelings that can be had in any vehicle.

Chevrolet Camaro

What makes a statement of pure adrenaline and beastly, bold, attitude than a Camaro.  Power it with the 6.2-liter V8 and this is one car that really is a “Frat Bro” car to be found outside many the campus frat house.  Athletic, powerful, menacing and agile all make the Camaro one of the best sports cars on the road today which allows it to be counted among this awesome list of power hungry, party animal style cars that allow for fun and excitement to be seen and admired.

Ram 1500 Rebel

If muscle is important this is the vehicle to do the job the Ram Rebel has it an much more.  As a crew cab truck five can easily head to the lake for some fun and take a pair of jet skis along with the gear and the truck to have a full weekend of fun in the sun.  This is also the truck to head out on the trails and up to the mountains for a great time camping and having more fun around a campfire or fishing at the lake than could happen in any other vehicle.

Ford Focus ST

The Focus ST is simply a lot of fun.  Hatchbacks are more fun and exciting than many other types of cars and with some excellent power from the 252 horsepower four-cylinder engine this car makes for some of the most dynamic driving you can find on any road.  Perfect for the leaving for the weekend crowd who wants to see what this great car can do on the winding and twisting roads that leave away from campus, the versatility of a hatchback makes it easier to load and unload gear or the odd shaped item that is purchased in order to make the frat house even more alive with excitement.

Subaru WRX

The WRX offers you some of the best of several aspects of driving.  First its fast and powerful, second this car offers the enjoyment of the standard AWD that is found on nearly every Subaru model which allows the car to perform some amazing actions.  The WRX is a dynamic little sports car that looks like a tuner car on steroids and with a powerful sound system will certainly give you the look and feel of a typical “frat boy” car even when you are well beyond your college years.

Toyota 4Runner

The body on frame version of SUVs has basically gone away across the market.  The 4Runner continues to be the box on frame that makes for a great off road vehicle that can be enjoyed by a group of friends for the fun of taking this awesome SUV off road and out to the most remote areas of the world.  Add in the TRD Pro package and this SUV becomes even more of a masculine truck that upgrades the suspension and appearance with sport features.  The 4Runner makes for the perfect tailgate party vehicle and one to take to the games on Saturday afternoon.

Nissan Xterra

The “frat bro” crowd doesn’t keep their look and shape without being highly active.  This energetic group needs a vehicle that is perfect for hauling mountain bikes, sports gear or taking them to the best hiking trails in the area.  With the Xterra ultra-off road SUV you can experience a vehicle that is made to be as athletic as you want to be and give you access to remote trails and areas that are made for high adventure and a lot of fun when work and school are done for the week.

Mercedes-AMG G63

This one is probably one of the least likely to be found at the frat house, but for those who have the cash and want a vehicle that is Hummer-like, this is the way to go.  With a high powered V8 engine that shows this is the top of the class at 536 turbocharged horsepower, the G63 is perfect for getting anywhere you need to go.  Offering a look that is throwback but features and equipment that are all updated the G63 can be the perfect vehicle to show off a brash and brazen lifestyle.


The 3-Series is one of the most popular style and size of the BMW lineup but the M3 is the serious sport player in the group.  Going a step farther gives the M3 that comes in either coupe of convertible truly the spirit of the frat house as it goes faster and drives better than the 3-Series.  Pull up in this awesome player and you will see eyes following you wherever you go, especially when you fire up the loud V8 engine that is pure unadulterated muscle, ripe for the taking and ready to be driven.

GMC Yukon

As a big SUV, the Yukon is perfect for the weekend sporting events.  As a great tailgating vehicle that can carry up to eight to the game the Yukon is powerful, exciting and ready to handle every task that comes your way.  The Yukon also works great as a vehicle for moving from place to place with the seats down the cargo space is cavernous and can bring you all the gear you can imagine.  The Yukon make for many uses, but is probably on the top end of the price range for any frat house resident, but when there is one available, the owner becomes very popular in a hurry.

Whether you need speed, power, muscle, handling, space, sport or any other capability that can be had for a vehicle that is truly “frat bro” approved this list of vehicles gives you a look at vehicles that all share one thing in common; attitude.  The brash and bold style and sound of these awesome vehicles make them impossible to ignore and certainly add the perfect blend of functionality from the trucks and SUV that should be able to enjoy going to the game, or the sport of some of the performance cars that are fun on the roads make for a list of vehicles that are exactly what you need.

Written by Nathan Ehinger

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