A Tonka Toy

That really might be a play on words, but imagine the days of old when you sat out back playing with your Tonka trucks and imagined the work you could get done from your bulldozer, front loader, crane or other heavy work machine.  The days of playing in the dirt as a kid with these awesome fun toys that were made of steel and gave you the enjoyment and excitement of using your imagination giving you many hours of fun outside playing on the ground or in your sandbox.  Even though the days of playing in the backyard are over wouldn’t it be a lot of fun to have a way to play in the sand or dirt this much with a life-sized Tonka truck once again.

Toyota teamed up with Tonka and brought a vehicle to them that have the theme of a Tonka toy and the capability of a fantastic off road machine that can easily have its way crossing a desert or rumbling through a jungle.  This vehicle that was built to resemble the Tonka trucks of old, or maybe even give a look into a new line of great Tonka products is a modified and custom built Toyota 4Runner that has a whole lot of great stuff added to it in order to give us a vehicle that certainly entices the imagination in order to offer a lot of fun and get us a life-sized Tonka Toy.

The added features that have been put on the Tonka inspired Toyota 4Runner include a ten-inch lift kits, Bulletproof design welded bumpers, roof racks, side steps and ladders, a folding tent on the roof, huge Mickey Thompson 38×15 inch tires that are on the 20-inch Ultra Motorsports wheels and a large array of Rigid Industries light bars.  Putting all this on the truck has brought in an awesome Tonka inspired 4Runner that looks great and has much more off road features than ever before.

This 4Runner adds the King 8×2.5-inch coilovers and 10×2.5-inch shocks to make riding over obstacles much smoother and easier than the stock parts do.  The engine is nearly the only part of this 4Runner that did not get an upgrade at all as it is still the 4.0-liter V6 that is on the regular 4Runner.  The Tonka Toy is covered in custom black and yellow graphics that are found all over the 4Runner, even on the inside of the vehicle.  To add to this great look this Tonka has the yellow finish on many part that is carried over to the inside of the vehicle on the side of the racing seats and other accent touches as well.

This was a truck that was supposed to be built as only a Tonka promotional vehicle but it’s such an awesome SUV it now gets to race in the Luca Oil Off-Road Racing Series.  This means one lucky driver will get the chance to play in this life-sized Tonka Toy and feel like they did when they were a kid playing in the backyard with their smaller Tonka trucks that were there for them when they were a child.

Tonka inspired Toyota 4Runner

Written by Rocco Penn

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