Another Reason You Should Buy a Buick

When it comes to your vehicle purchase, especially when it’s one that your entire family will ride in, what do you consider the most important features of the purchase? Price is always a serious consideration, we all have a budget to stick to, the vehicle typically needs to offer features and efficiency that you can enjoy, but the most important aspect of the purchase should be safety. When you think about having a vehicle that you have a chance to walk away from in the case of a collision, this should be the feature that makes the most sense to you.

When you’re looking for vehicles that are safe to drive and have impressive driver’s information equipment what brands come to mind? Buick should certainly be one of them, over the past several years Buick has worked hard to create an entire new lineup full of vehicles that are enjoyable and attractive with the premium features that will make a huge difference in the driving enjoyment on the road. Considering what Buick has done over the past couple years it’s impressive to think of the safety features that are part of equation and in a big way.

The Buick lineup of six vehicles has earned the five-star Overall Vehicle Score for safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This makes Buick only one of the two brands to earn this prestigious honor for all their vehicles. By making safety a priority for every vehicle in the lineup it’s easy to see that Buick is the brand you want to enjoy. Not only will you be able to survive a crash, with the enhanced safety features and driver assistance technologies, you might be able to avoid the crash altogether and keep on driving for many more miles.

This news came recently as the new 2017 LaCrosse was upgraded and added to the lineup as the next generation of the flagship sedan. This new car offers a longer, lower and wider build than the last one and has become a better handling car with improved efficiency. The advanced structure of the LaCrosse makes it lighter but also stronger at the same time, meaning this car is built tough while also bringing you the technology that will aid you in avoiding any collision at all.

The entire Buick lineup offers you items such as the Safety Alert Seat to give you seat vibrations when the safety gear on the vehicle is alerted. There are also front, side and rear collision systems to help keep you out of harm’s way. The new generation of the LaCrosse brings in the front Pedestrian Braking system to stop the car when a pedestrian is in the path of the vehicle. If you want a vehicle that safe and one you can feel confident in, you need to check out the lineup from Buick. With every vehicle being rated this high for safety you’ll certainly have the peace of mind you want in these gorgeous premium vehicles.

01.25.17 - Buick LaCrosse

Written by Nathan Ehinger

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