Awards that Tell a Story

Over the past quarter of a century the world has exploded and also shrunk with the internet and the capability it provides. Now, nearly every home has at least one computer, most adults have smartphones and even some teenagers have smartphones. Tablets are more capable than ever and the speed of connectivity ins instantaneous instead of the delay that was part of the old dial up modems of old (do you remember those things). This instant connectivity has led to the growth of many companies that are internet based and show the ability to help us know what’s being searched for.

It didn’t take long for most big businesses to figure out the internet could be used for advertising and give us the ability to put products right in front of consumers. With this capability the automotive market uses the internet for nearly every type of advertising, entering homes on the mobile devices in hopes of turning a search result into a sale. One of the companies that was started because of this internet growth was This internet vehicle sales site has been helping to match people with vehicles for several years and this year they choose to start handing out their own version of awards.

What choose to do is have their own first-annual Buyer’s Choice Awards and these awards would be based upon the date taken from October 2015 to October 2016. With nearly eight million shoppers on the site the data was vast and showed significant proof that some vehicles were searched for and requested for sale. This was the purpose of these new awards; showing which vehicles went from being requested and searched to a sales request the most. This was as close as the site could get to giving out awards for closed sales as possible, and the data supports some vehicles are just searched for more than others.

For Mazda, the Buyer’s Choice Awards brought in three trophies. There were three Mazda vehicles that were searched for and requested for sale more than any others in their categories. Considering the peppy nature of all the Mazda vehicles in the lineup the three chosen were some of the most impressive vehicles you can find on the market and three that are fun to drive while giving you every aspect of what you want on the road from these vehicles.

The three models from Mazda that won these awards were the Mazda MX-5 Miata for the Convertible category, the Mazda CX-5 for the Small SUV category and as the overall SUV winner, and the Mazda CX-9 which won in the large SUV category. Considering the number of vehicles on the market today, especially in the SUV categories, these are impressive accolades for Mazda and certainly something to be proud of. These awards show that Mazda vehicles are being searched for on the website and are part of what consumers want when then shop in these classes of vehicle.

While Mazda enjoys these awards, you can consider whether or not you think you’re looking for a new vehicle to drive and if so, which one will it be? Are you in the market for a new SUV but don‘t want one that’s too large, making the CX-5 a great choice. Do you need added space and a third row of seats; if so, the CX-9 might be right for you. Is it time for some fun in the sun with the top down in a car that’s built for fun; if you answered “yes” you should be looking at the MX-5 Miata for your next ride.

02.06.17 - Mazda CX-5

Written by Scott Boyd

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