Impressive Tech in an Awesome Car

The newest and most exciting vehicle to hit the market is the Ford GT which comes to us for the 2017 model year as the newest high powered super car that is truly a car worthy of being on the track as much as on the road. When you spend the kind of money this car will ask for you’re expecting to receive the absolute best drive possible. While the Ford GT rids on two different suspensions at one time to give you exactly what you want to ride on while showing you the performance display up front.

For the GT you’ll be absolutely amazed by the display screen with the gauge cluster in front of you that will give you five different modes to drive in and enjoy the ride. These drive modes allow the GT to be a great ride and give you the look and feel that you’re after when you want to take a drive in your new high performance super sports car on the road or on the track. These modes allow you to enjoy the benefit of a great ride and give you the readout you want for your performance.

Starting with the Normal mode you’ll be able to enjoy the drive with the gear and speedometer making the center performance readings for you. This mode is what you’ll use most when you drive and it gives you the right information up front. While this may not be where the fun starts it’s the look you’ll see most often.

Next up is the Wet mode which helps to adjust the performance and suspension to handle the wet conditions on the road for you. This mode gives you more control on the road so that you can have the ride you’re looking for and stay safe when the conditions turn wet and require you to be more cautious.

Next up is the Sport mode which is the first step toward track performance fun that will give you the ride you’re looking for and the ability to have a readout that puts the gear front and center so you know what gear you’re in and how your car is going to drive on the road. As the first level of the track fun this is a mode that’s perfect for you when you’re learning how to race and unleash what you want.

Moving to the Track mode you’ll enjoy the tachometer and the gear in order to see when the shifting is taking place so that you know when the gears need to be shifted and how the performance can be enjoyed. You’ll love the look and feel of this mode as you learn more about how to perform on the track.

The final mode is V-Max which is the right mode for you to be in when you’re looking to get the highest speed possible in the Ford GT. This mode displays the speed in the center and puts the tachometer in a smaller display but still allows you to see this part of the display.

With these five modes for you to enjoy the ride on the road and the track the Ford GT will give you the power and performance you want to enjoy from behind the wheel. If every part of the GT is as amazing as the gauge cluster, which it certainly should be, this will be a car that we’ll love and enjoy for the next several years. Check out this video to learn more about the gauge cluster of this car.

02.24.17 - Ford GT

Written by Scott Boyd

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