Stand Out in a Large Luxury Sedan, but Which One

If you’ve thought you had to turn to Germany for the luxury you want it might be time for you to think about a different pair that now offers you all the luxury you could ask for in a large sedan that’s built to carry the right attitude and presence for you on the road…. Read more »

Toyota Racing Development Called in to Give Us More

The TRD name on the side or rear of the Toyota you admire stands for Toyota Racing Development and for the 2018 model year this division of Toyota will be part of what we want on three of the models that have been the rugged trio of top performers we’ve enjoyed for years. The Tundra,… Read more »

Moving Forward for Tesla

The Tesla brand has experienced surges in its price and recently saw that it happens to have more profits than it has had in the past. The news of the upcoming Model 3 which is now only a few months away has helped create this boom in the stock price for Tesla and now the… Read more »

The Most Expensive Video Game Controller

Those who love to play video games want to have the most realistic experience possible which is typically only offered by looking for the items that resemble the actual items used in the games. While the Nintendo Wii tried to offer us places to put the controllers that felt similar to what you would have… Read more »

Innovation in Technology at Toyota

Over the history of automobiles in the world many companies have worked to move from a small shop that can produce a few cars a month to large factories that are capable of producing hundreds of thousands of cars each year. At every turn these companies are looking for ways to build cars faster than… Read more »

Education Should Never End

Do you think you’re a good driver? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t get behind the wheel of a car and turn the key. You feel confident and safe in your knowledge of driving and the rules of the road, but do you really understand how important it is to drive safely and in… Read more »

A Look at the Original Minivan

When you think of the minivan the thoughts of the Dodge Grand Caravan or the Pontiac Transport may come to mind as early models, but there was an earlier model that was the most iconic minivan to ever make its way to the market. In fact, this minivan is about to make a comeback in… Read more »

Where are They Sent

We spend several months discussing the Volkswagen diesel scandal and now that we seem to be on the back end of it we can hopefully move past it for this brand. This scandal affected over 600,000 models in the US and put more emissions into the air than allowable which meant the need to pull… Read more »

More Atlas News for You to Enjoy

Volkswagen has done the job of entering the large three-row SUV market with the Atlas that’s supposed to be offered for the 2018 model year. This new addition to the Volkswagen family will be on dealer lots in May for you to take a look at, decided if you want it and then realize you… Read more »

Ford is Making Media Changes that Make Sense

The digital age has ushered in some great ways for us to be entertained and to carry along the music and videos we want to enjoy. With the use of smartphones you can have all the music you want and the movies you can enjoy through the services and apps your phone happens to support… Read more »

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    An All-Terrain Vehicle that Really Is All-Terrain

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    It looks weird, doesn’t appear to have a lot of applicable purposes, but for moving along rolling hills and mountain trails the Swincar makes a great contraption to carry you to your outdoor destination.  This lightweight off road vehicle makes use of the centripetal force to transfer weight while turning and moving to ensure it… Read more »

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    Green Driving from Hyundai

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    The Sonata has had hybrid technology for a few years now.  Hybrid technology was first considered a response to the high rise of fuel prices in the world but as the price at the pump has gone down the sales of hybrid vehicles has also headed in the same direction.  Many companies continue to offer… Read more »

  • Car News

    A Tonka Toy

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    That really might be a play on words, but imagine the days of old when you sat out back playing with your Tonka trucks and imagined the work you could get done from your bulldozer, front loader, crane or other heavy work machine.  The days of playing in the dirt as a kid with these… Read more »

  • Car News, Press Release

    China’s Used-Car E-commerce is Rising Rapidly

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    BEIJING, July 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — On July 14, 2015, Yicheng Xie, the vice president of China’s largest used-car e-commerce platform,, shared his perspectives on the prospects of the used-car market in China and elaborated the business model of in his keynote speech and panel discussion on an Automotive Roundtable event in Beijing.

  • Marketing

    Dealers, Diversify Your Inventory Marketing Strategy

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    The more we work with car dealers, the more we realize that there are certain fundamentals that are pretty universal. Everyone has a website. Just about everyone is posting to some third-party sites. Nearly all have their inventory on OEM sites. Is there more?

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    2016 Subaru Outback: A Familiar Favorite

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    The Outback may have been a SUV/wagon that seemed like a cult invention for several years, but so many have found a use for this amazing vehicle that it no longer is just a small group that finds it attractive and useful, but anyone who chooses this for their vehicle.  The Outback is built with… Read more »

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    Chevrolet Notifies Drivers Of Theft Via Text Message?

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    Chevrolet is one of the most popular vehicles on the road today. Everywhere you look, you can see a car, truck, or SUV with the Chevy bowtie badge on it. Whether it is in the parking lot of your local store, driving down the interstate, or parked in your or your neighbor’s driveway, it doesn’t… Read more »

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    Cars Loved by the ‘Frat Bros’

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    Even if you have passed by your frat days long ago, or you are a woman and never would have considered being a “Frat Boy” you can certainly appreciate the cars that have come across as classifying to be favorites among the younger generation of men.  The reason these cars are so envied is the… Read more »

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    When Do Dealers Need Chat on Their Websites?

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    During a recent car-buying adventure which I tend to do way too often (I like a new vehicle every two years, max), I noticed there was a difference between many of the websites I visited. I’m a night-time internet guy, you see, and trying to do my shopping and research around midnight poses one major… Read more »

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    Toyota, Honda, and Nissan Join To Build Hydrogen Infrastructure

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    It is not very common that you hear of rivals playing nice together. Most hold their secrets and patents closely, while looking to advance to the next level of the playing field. Automakers are no different. They all want to be at the top of the list when it comes to the latest and greatest… Read more »