Stand Out in a Large Luxury Sedan, but Which One

If you’ve thought you had to turn to Germany for the luxury you want it might be time for you to think about a different pair that now offers you all the luxury you could ask for in a large sedan that’s built to carry the right attitude and presence for you on the road…. Read more »

Toyota Racing Development Called in to Give Us More

The TRD name on the side or rear of the Toyota you admire stands for Toyota Racing Development and for the 2018 model year this division of Toyota will be part of what we want on three of the models that have been the rugged trio of top performers we’ve enjoyed for years. The Tundra,… Read more »

Moving Forward for Tesla

The Tesla brand has experienced surges in its price and recently saw that it happens to have more profits than it has had in the past. The news of the upcoming Model 3 which is now only a few months away has helped create this boom in the stock price for Tesla and now the… Read more »

The Most Expensive Video Game Controller

Those who love to play video games want to have the most realistic experience possible which is typically only offered by looking for the items that resemble the actual items used in the games. While the Nintendo Wii tried to offer us places to put the controllers that felt similar to what you would have… Read more »

Innovation in Technology at Toyota

Over the history of automobiles in the world many companies have worked to move from a small shop that can produce a few cars a month to large factories that are capable of producing hundreds of thousands of cars each year. At every turn these companies are looking for ways to build cars faster than… Read more »

Education Should Never End

Do you think you’re a good driver? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t get behind the wheel of a car and turn the key. You feel confident and safe in your knowledge of driving and the rules of the road, but do you really understand how important it is to drive safely and in… Read more »

A Look at the Original Minivan

When you think of the minivan the thoughts of the Dodge Grand Caravan or the Pontiac Transport may come to mind as early models, but there was an earlier model that was the most iconic minivan to ever make its way to the market. In fact, this minivan is about to make a comeback in… Read more »

Where are They Sent

We spend several months discussing the Volkswagen diesel scandal and now that we seem to be on the back end of it we can hopefully move past it for this brand. This scandal affected over 600,000 models in the US and put more emissions into the air than allowable which meant the need to pull… Read more »

More Atlas News for You to Enjoy

Volkswagen has done the job of entering the large three-row SUV market with the Atlas that’s supposed to be offered for the 2018 model year. This new addition to the Volkswagen family will be on dealer lots in May for you to take a look at, decided if you want it and then realize you… Read more »

Ford is Making Media Changes that Make Sense

The digital age has ushered in some great ways for us to be entertained and to carry along the music and videos we want to enjoy. With the use of smartphones you can have all the music you want and the movies you can enjoy through the services and apps your phone happens to support… Read more »

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    How Fast is Fast?

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    Power, performance and aerodynamics have been stretched to the brink all in the name of going fast. Supercar are full of all three and several automobile manufacturers get in line to be the next to break the speed record. I’m not talking about the land speed record that is set in a car that was… Read more »

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    Can We Run Without Spark Plugs?

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    In a normal internal combustion engine the spark plugs ignite the fuel and oil mixture causing a small explosion in the chamber to send the piston back to its starting position to repeat the process. This has been the basics of this engine since the beginning of the automobile and engines, giving us over a… Read more »