An All-Terrain Vehicle that Really Is All-Terrain

It looks weird, doesn’t appear to have a lot of applicable purposes, but for moving along rolling hills and mountain trails the Swincar makes a great contraption to carry you to your outdoor destination.  This lightweight off road vehicle makes use of the centripetal force to transfer weight while turning and moving to ensure it continually stays upright.  This little bugger is great for going over a variety of terrains and can be one of the most useful vehicles to let you move through the mountain and the valley of an area that makes for a great way to move around through the mountains.

This contraption does appear to be a skinny lightweight electric powertrain that has an independent suspension and comes in as one of the best off road toys you can find.  Resembling a four-legged spider the Swincar rides on four dirtbike thin wheels that each are powered by their own two horsepower motor making it ride over rough and tough terrain on its way to wherever you may need to go.  One of the disadvantages of the Swincar is the fact there isn’t room for much hauling power and the ground clearance is minimal, making it tough to straddle a rock or log, but it certainly can ride over these without any real problems at all.

It’s not fast, and it’s certainly not anything spectacular to look at, but the Swincar can be a lot of fun for you to drive all over your property.  Hopefully these little cars will not be too expensive so more of us can enjoy heading all over the rough terrain in one of these amazing cars to enjoy the ride and take on the challenges of outdoor ride that can gives us terrain that is fun for this little machine to tackle with perfection.


Written by Rocco Penn

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