Blending in an Unusual Way

Sometimes we see kit cars that are so over the top they should have never been built.  Other times we see them and they are so obviously not what they seem to be that it’s ridiculous.  Who wants a kit Ferrari or Lamborghini just to say they are driving one?  Generally speaking the only part of a kit car that resembles the real deal is the bodywork, but that is only if the person building it knows how to do proper bodywork on a car.  With that in mind a particular car showed up on Craigslist for sale at a price of only $23,000 but what it is certainly begs for some attention and looks pretty nice overall.

What we have here is a Toyota MR2 Spyder that has been fitted to resemble a Ferrari 360 Modena.  One of the chief differences is the fact that this car is much smaller than the actual Ferrari it resembles, making it kind of a caricature, but it certainly does look exciting and appears to have been done up just right.  The car features large front ports set back headlights side ports in front of the rear wheels a smooth finish and beautiful lines along with the right logos in the right places.

In the rear you see the fancy look that Ferrari is known for with the four taillights and four exhaust ports that are set higher than normal.  The car is even riding on a gorgeous set of wheels that match perfectly to what Ferrari might normally offer and even had the ragtop to enjoy some cruising convertible style.  Whoever put this beauty together certainly did a masterful job on this car that would fool most of us on the road except for the most ardent sports car enthusiasts.

As this small tribute car gives its homage the Ferrari 360 Modena, when you peak under the hood at that engine you find that this is not powered by anything you would ever find in a Ferrari.  The original Ferrari after which this is built was powered by a massive 3.6-liter V8 engine that used a six-speed paddle shifting automatic transmission.  This car has an engine that is half the size and only four-cylinders that uses a six-speed sequential transmission.  Even though the engine is different, the building clearly wanted to keep some things the same and placed this tiny motor in the mid-engine rear-drive way that certainly was in place on the Ferrari.

Even though this is a kit car, it’s one that really does garner the attention we give it.  It would be great to see more kit cars that actually are built to resemble others in this way with gorgeous bodywork and a variety of features that actually look like the original even if all the inner workings are nothing at all like the cars they resemble.  Kudos to whoever built this car and anyone interested can still purchase this little beauty to take off and enjoy a ride in a gorgeous car that will most likely give you great fuel mileage.

Toyota MR2 Spyder


Written by Scott Boyd

Sports fan. Coffee lover. Entrepreneur. California dreamin'. The only thing I enjoy more than writing about cars is driving them around town... especially old hot rods. Find me on Facebook and Twitter.