Please Make this Car

In 2012 Toyota and BMW announced they would begin collaboration on a vehicle that could be the next great sports car we see on the market. That partnership has moved along pretty well but there has not been any official announcement as to whether or not the car will actually make it to concept or even to production. This final decision and announcement is on its way with the deadline quickly approaching, but the final version of what this car will be or could be has yet to be announced or concluded for us to start the imagining.

Imagine we certainly will do. Can you imagine a car that is a cross between the Supra of old and the Z4? The driving ability from BMW paired with the quickness and performance of Toyota could make this the greatest pairing in history and much better than having the Germans and Japanese on the same side in the 1940s. At least this time the world will be cheering on these two highly acclaimed automotive companies to bring forward a car that has the best of every part of the two companies, which may pave the way for even more collaboration in the future.

As far as style, it seems that should be left up to Toyota while the BMW team takes on the suspension design. This would give is a dynamic and gorgeous car that offers high performance and a wonderful way to drive with plenty of capability. The delays in getting this announced and ready to go include the decision of what to make this car from and how it should be powered. The two companies didn’t just choose to put together a basic sports car, this one is expected to have all the high tech equipment you find in supercars of today, which may be the hold up.

This joint venture is supposed to show us fuel-cell tech, composites and lithium-air batteries. Although all the materials that have been considered have yet to be completely approved the direction seems to be going positive and we will have an official announcement sometime soon as to whether or not this car will actually make it to production. Hopefully the announcement will be the these two will collaborate and create this amazing sports car that has the best technology from both companies to give us a car that will be desired by every supercar customer in the world.

While we dream of what the car could be and Toyota and BMW figure out how to make this car a reality there are many rumors surfacing. First of all the rumors are that there might be a version that is presented under each company, giving us two models that would be perfect for the market as many of us are brand oriented. The powertrains of these two could be a turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine with RWD from the German side and a super-capacitor plug-in hybrid that offers AWD from the Japanese side. If this makes its way to production, it certainly will be one awesome car for us to admire.

01.30.16 - 1998 Toyota Supra

Written by Scott Boyd

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