New for the Hyundai Accent

The Hyundai Accent represents the low price, economical commuter drive that many of us have enjoyed over the years. This small hatchback is a car that offers the look and feel that makes it easy for us to love Hyundai while bringing in the size that fits nearly everywhere we go. This little car is the perfect model to drive around the city for the traffic navigation or during a long commute where the fuel mileage advantage is felt the most. For 2017 the Accent adds a bit more for you to love in the Value Edition package for this car.

This Value Edition package offers you some of the added benefits you’ll love over the base Accent, which is a bit stripped down to keep the price low. For the price of only $705 you can have the Value Edition package added and enjoy 16-inch machine finished alloy wheels, rear disc brakes, steering wheel mounted audio controls, cruise controls, Bluetooth hands free and a sliding armrest storage box. While this doesn’t sound like a huge improvement, it certainly does give you the advantage you want when driving a car of this size, especially if you need to drive a long way each day.

From under the hood of the Accent you get the pleasure of the 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that uses a six-speed automatic transmission to provide you with 27 city/37 hwy mpg, but you can do better than your average with the Value Edition mode. Adding the larger wheels gives you a more enjoyable ride and the cruise control allows the car to be the master of efficiency for you. It’s been proven many times over that using cruise control helps to allow a vehicle to reach the most efficient drive at the speed chosen by the driver.

Of course, for you city dwellers, the Bluetooth connectivity and steering wheel controls are a huge bonus in this package because these features allow you to keep your eyes on the road ahead of you. Instead of missing a call or the need to wear an earpiece, you can enjoy the fact that you have this feature in your vehicle along with the ability to change radio stations and volume right at your fingertips. City driving can have immediate challenges that pop up out of nowhere and you need to be ready for them; this package on the Hyundai Accent can help.

The addition of the storage box will certainly delight every owner of the Accent. This gives you a great place to put a few items when you get in and drive your car. You can keep what you need in this storage space and know that you have the items in the car. The addition of the Value Edition package to the lineup for the Accent offers you an easy and affordable way to enjoy some of the features that aren’t offered on the stripped down base model. Go ahead and pay a little extra and have the car you want to drive with the upgraded equipment of this package.

01.09.17 - Hyundai Accent

Written by Jesseb Shiloh