How Fast is Fast?

Venom F5

Power, performance and aerodynamics have been stretched to the brink all in the name of going fast. Supercar are full of all three and several automobile manufacturers get in line to be the next to break the speed record. I’m not talking about the land speed record that is set in a car that was built only once for that purpose, but instead about production cars that are made for several to enjoy. When I say several that is really all I mean because these mean beasts are so exclusive and so expensive only the ultra-rich and some corporations can even consider owning them, but talking about the features and the records they set are certainly worth the fun and time of discussion.

Let’s set the stage, Hennessey versus Bugatti. For those who are not familiar with Hennessey this might seem like an unfair fight right; WRONG. The boys at Hennessey Performance have been a huge thorn in the side of Bugatti for several years, in true American fashion. Hennessey is a Texas based company, where everything is bigger, including creating cars that will be the next speed record setter. In fact at a time when the Bugatti Veyron set the top speed at just over 260 mph, Hennessey showed off with their Venom GT which pushed up to 270 mph, giving the Texas company the right to thumb their proverbial noses at Bugatti.

Unfortunately, a few years have passed since that time and we have seen the unveiling of some very interesting supercars including the Ferrari LaFerrari, the Porsche 918, and the Lamborghini Veneno all of which have one thing in common, they are all hybrids. The reality of hybrid supercars is they have instant torque and the ability to reach speeds much faster than other supercars. These models also offer additional power beyond what the engine can do with the placement of high powered electric motors to up the ante for any of these cars. Unfortunately with this hybrid movement and the recent final sale and end run of the Bugatti Veyron, Hennessey has been left out for a while.

This, of course, would not do for Hennessey bringing in the all new Venom F5. This bad beast is designed and expected to reach up to a mark of 290 mph, leaving all other production supercars far behind and giving the Hennessey name something for all of us to talk about once again. In order to reach this amazing mark Hennessey has installed an awesome twin turbocharged V8 engine which is expected to reach up to 1,400 horsepower. You might be surprised to not see a V12 or larger in this beast, but these guys are keeping it real in this regard and putting in some real American muscle to this awesome new car.

The shape of this supercar helps this engine out with huge rear air ducts in the quarter panels and a front end so sharp you can nearly cut your finger jut touching it. Add in an adjustable rear wing that helps direct the airflow and handle the necessary downforce to keep this beauty from lifting off.

Expected to make its run later this year to try and makes its way into the Guinness work record books the F5 will be built to give the entire planet a total of thirty of these beauties. The price will be astronomically high, as expected, but should this car actually reach the desired mark, the demand will be as great as actually setting a new record and showing the rest of the supercar world just what American power can be.

Written by Nathan Ehinger

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