Lexus Shows Us a Smaller Compact Car

Lexus LF-SA Concept

The restrictions of governmental regulations in the US severely limit what we will see in regards to the vehicles that are offered in the US, especially during their first run. Instead we get the pleasure of seeing most vehicles unveiled in other countries before they ever make their way here to the states. With this in mind, I take you to a look at a new concept car that has been revealed by Lexus at the Geneva Auto Show, the Lexus LF-SA.

The LF-SA is expected to step in line behind the CT200h hatchback and be a fun little car for a market that thrives on small vehicles. Even though it’s still in the early stages of concept, this could be a car that really changes the luck for Lexus in the European market as well as eventually making its way over to the US to give us another great luxury car that is offered in a small size. The LF-SA appears to be a Lexus hatchback that shows off with futuristic styling and design. With a body sculpting that is both angular and flowing the LF-SA could be the beginning of the luxury car of the future for Lexus.

As the Luxury brand for Toyota, Lexus has experienced a sales dip in recent years and for a brand that achieves nearly 500,000 cars a year, the European market has been stingy to Lexus, only buying about 50,000 vehicles. In an effort to better affect this market, Lexus will appeal to this market with a small car, as so many subcompact cars are driven in and around Europe. With no real figures as to what this car will be powered by, we can only wait and see what Lexus will offer when it finally unleashed the LF-SA on the world. Hopefully, this car will make its way to the US at the same time it is ready for Europe.

Strangely, the LF-SA is slated to be unveiled during the 25th anniversary of Lexus and seems an odd way to celebrate. The car is a three-door hatchback that will fit right into the European landscape, but offers such a polarizing look that it may be the sing most loved and hated car when it comes to market, making opinions truly count, at least until we see the results of the power and fuel mileage that this little car will have.

Some of the unique looks offer a driver’s seat that doesn’t adjust; instead the pedals and steering wheel adjust to the driver. There is actually room for four to ride in this car and the interior is filled with a hologram-style digital instrument panel and a wide-angle head up display. All of this inside and the unique design on the outside give us the look into Toyota’s luxury model lineup that has for years been polarizing and full of interesting and unique design elements. With not thought of slowing down in the design area, the Lexus LF-SA will be one to keep an eye on until it’s unleashed on the public.

Written by Nathan Ehinger

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