2016 Subaru Outback: A Familiar Favorite

The Outback may have been a SUV/wagon that seemed like a cult invention for several years, but so many have found a use for this amazing vehicle that it no longer is just a small group that finds it attractive and useful, but anyone who chooses this for their vehicle.  The Outback is built with the standard AWD from Subaru and a ground clearance to handle much of the outdoors.  The build is that of a wagon on a raised suspension and once you add the roof rack you have a vehicle that makes its home easily at the ski resort, beside the lake, in the great outdoors on a fishing trip, or even running errands in your hometown.

Because this is built to handle any terrain it also handles the weather with ease as well.  When you encounter a rough road or a challenging trail, the Outback can handle it and give you as smooth a ride as possible along with a quiet cabin that keeps all the noises outside that belong there.  The driving is very car like in its performance even though it is higher than most cars.

One reason the Outback is able to act like a car while being up at the height of most SUVs is the dynamic build of its engines that offers a much better and lower center of gravity.  This keeps the vehicle from being a rollover hazard and balances out the vibrations to be outstanding.  These engines are known as the “boxer” engines and are horizontally opposed.

The two engines offered for the Outback are a 2.5-liter boxer four-cylinder and a 3.6-liter flat six-cylinder.  both are attached to the Subaru continuously variable transmission which feels and performs much better than many of the bargain brand CVTs on the market in the lower platform of vehicles.  These engines bring in 175 horsepower and 174 lb.-ft. of torque for the four-cylinder and 256 horsepower and 247 lb.-ft. of torque for the six.  Add in the standard AWD and the X-Mode that adds low-speed traction and Active Torque Vectoring for high speed stability and you can see why the Outback has become so popular as a go anywhere and do anything kind of vehicle.

The interior of the Outback is great to be inside and offers a simple but effective control system.  You can quickly head out on the road or off road with the easy to use and understandable features you find in the Outback interior.  There is plenty of space for five and a huge cargo area to ensure you can take all your stuff wherever you need to go or wherever you hare adventuring out to discover.

On the exterior the Outback has become one of the most recognizable vehicles on the road and lets onlookers wonder where you are headed and what your adventures may bring.  Outback owner have at the very least one thing in common; they all can come back and tell some great stories of dynamic adventures and awesome fun that was had.  The only way they could have such fun is to be carried to these awesome and remote destinations by the signature outdoor travelling vehicle which is what the Outback has worked to be.

The new features you find in the Outback include the Starlink safety and security package that is added to the Premium and Limited trims.  The EyeSight system gains the advantage of Lane Keep Assist and the steering feeling has been enhanced for more dynamic responsiveness.  The suspension on the Limited trim has also been recalibrated to give a much smoother ride.  the favorite features of this great ride include the X-Mode which is an off road improvement for the traction for any circumstances.  Subaru understands you want to take your Outback to some remote places and test its ability.  By adding the X-Mode, the Hill Decent Control helps with braking and the wheels get the most grip for maximum power.  The other favorite is the pivoting roof crossbar that allows the crossbar to be stored out of the way and reduce wind noise when not in use on the road.

Standard for the Outback is the power windows, air condition, power mirrors, cruise control and other normal useful features.  The Outback also makes use of a rearview camera, under seat cushion airbags, a touch-screen audio system with a 6.2-inch screen, Aha, iHeart Radio, Pandora and Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, X-Mode, hill decent control, active torque vectoring and grill shutters.  The grill shutters actually help to improve the fuel efficiency on a highway, which gives us another feature on the Outback that seems to be a no-brainer but is not offered on many other vehicles on the market today.

Heading to the optional features gives you an Outback that can really take care of you no matter where you are in the world.  The features include the EyeSight system with adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, lane keep assistance, pre-collision braking and steering responsive fog lights.   There is also the power liftgate, voice-activated navigation, a larger seven-inch screen, the Rear Vehicle Detection System that combines blind-spot monitoring, lane change assist and rear cross traffic alerts.  On the inside there is also available leather upholstery trimmed with faux wood on the Limited model along with an upgraded Harmon/Kardon audio system for musical enjoyment.

Starting at the bottom of the tier, the base price for a 2.5i Outback comes in just under $26,000 which is a great price for all the fun you can have in one of these awesome vehicles.  The Premium model comes in just above $28,000 but can end up over $31,000 with some features added in.  The Limited starts at $31,000 and for an additional $3,000 you can add the flat-six to any one of these models with the top end around $40,000.  For all the fun you can have in an Outback this is a very affordable vehicle.

2016 Subaru Outback

Written by Rocco Penn

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