Chevrolet Notifies Drivers Of Theft Via Text Message?

Chevrolet is one of the most popular vehicles on the road today. Everywhere you look, you can see a car, truck, or SUV with the Chevy bowtie badge on it. Whether it is in the parking lot of your local store, driving down the interstate, or parked in your or your neighbor’s driveway, it doesn’t take much to find a Chevrolet nearby. With Chevrolet vehicles being so popular, they are also likely to have another problem; car theft.

Chevrolet made an announcement that they are doing a little more to help drivers with the problem of automotive theft in their vehicles. Today, Chevrolet already has anti-theft features like OnStar, but now, they are taking it a step further. Theft Alarm Notification is an enhancement to the Stolen Vehicle Assistance service that OnStar subscribers can receive a real time alert when the vehicle’s alarm sounds.

This is an enhancement to Onstar’s other features that already exist of vehicles today. The features that already exist include: Remote Ignition Block, and Stolen Vehicle Slowdown. Theft Alarm Notification will allow subscribers to opt-in to notifications via text message, email, or a phone call when a thief triggers their vehicle’s car alarm.

When a Chevrolet driver who is a subscriber to OnStar has a properly equipped vehicle and that vehicle is stolen, Onstar advisors will work with police and use GPS location tracking to locate the vehicle. If conditions are safe, advisors can activate Vehicle Slowdown aiding authorities in avoiding high speed chases.

Theft protection packages are available on the Tahoe and Suburban LT and LTZ SUVs, which feature a glass breakage detection, interior motion sensors, and an inclination/tilt sensor. The new Theft Alarm Notification leverages these features to alert owners by sending a notification when any of these alarms are triggered. Chevrolet introduced this feature as just one more way they are committed to their customers.

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Written by Sara Dean

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