Tuners are Already Improving the Tesla Model X

As a newer vehicle on the market, the Tesla Model X is the crossover SUV that fits in the high priced luxury SUV world. This EV is one of the most polarizing vehicles on the market with its signature gullwing rear doors and the ability to be updated through over the air software upgrades form Tesla. As a vehicle that’s practically brand new you might not think it would be part of anyone’s upgrade list, especially not a tuner company, just yet, but it is . This vehicle has been the subject of at least two Tuner projects that we know of.

At the 2016 SEMA Show, Unplugged Performance showed us their version of the Tesla Model X that had been tuned up to the desires of the owner, but now another company has gotten in on the act. Vilner, a Bulgarian company, has been contracted to take the Model X of one of their customers and create something exciting and special from this vehicle. Apparently owning one of the first ever fully EV long range vehicles wasn’t enough and Vilner went to work to bring to life the Model X their customer desired from them.

The first item was to make the cabin quieter. this was done by taking apart the entire interior and adding extra insulation to the body to make this the quietest Tesla cabin on the planet. Although they could have stopped there, Vilner didn’t and what this Tesla Model X turned into was nothing short of amazing to see.

The next step was to add turquoise as an accent color as this is the color most associated with electricity. The edges of the carpets san the seatbelts receive this accent color and printed circuit board patterns were added to the center sections of the seats using the same color. This pattern was carried over to the rear of the seats as well and the bottom of the dashboard to make this SUV look like you’re inside a computer when you drive, almost like the movie Tron.

The carbon fiber that was part of the vehicle was left untouched, but more was added to the front lip, the mirror caps and the rear spoiler to add the T logo of Tesla in a turquoise shade in the back. The brake calipers carry this same color to finish the look and then Dark Plutonium Silver paint was used to make the wheels look absolutely amazing.

While it seems odd a vehicle so new would already undergo the modifications needed to be made by a tuner, this Model X turned out to look great and gives the owner the feel and look they want. This is certainly a singular vehicle on the road now and the owner will love driving it wherever they need to go. I certainly look forward to seeing more of the work from Vilner in the future especially after seeing how they absolutely transformed this Model X.

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Written by Scott Boyd

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