A Design Award for a Car You Will Love

The Hyundai dealers in the US are expecting to have the IONIQ on the market soon and we’ll be able to have these vehicles to drive, but when you hear about a car being completely a hybrid-style you normally think of cars that are small, wedge-shaped and quiet on the road. Thankfully, the IONIQ from Hyundai is its own alternative fuel lineup that will give you the ride you want and comes with an impressive design. This design is so impressive it’s actually won an award for you to have the ride that looks amazing.

The IONIQ hasn’t just won any small award from an obscure group; this car won the 2016 GOOD DESIGN Award. This award is presented form the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and its awarded for the most innovated and cutting-edge industrial, product and graphic designs around the world. This award was given to the IONIQ for the successful application of the design philosophy which makes the IONIQ one of the most impressive looking vehicles on the market today for you to have the great ride you want and the right type of fuel.

Even more impressive than the fact that this award was given for this year is the fact that it’s the second year in a row the IONIQ won the award. This new car is a gorgeous vehicle that offers you a great new look of a hybrid lineup that will be perfect for you. This car has the style to fit into the sporty class of the Hyundai brand which has had a habit of bringing us some of the most appealing vehicles at reasonable prices we’ve ever had. This exceptional looking car from Hyundai will certainly cause a stir on the EV and Hybrid world.

The IONIQ is offered in three forms, the IONIQ Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and Electric. This allows us to have three great new ways to have the vehicle you want at the price you want. In the past hybrid vehicles typically were introduced in a wedge shape (consider an older model Prius), but the focus on cutting the air in a hybrid car isn’t as important as the style and comfort you’ll enjoy anymore. Even the most popular hybrid on the market has moved toward more dynamic styling to give us polarizing and appealing appearance features.

With the improvements made in hybrid and EV powertrains over the years an improved design structure has become possible and the IONIQ from Hyundai benefits from an impressive look and feel of the car and the design language this new alternative fuel car has to offer. This impressive design and feel of the IONIQ has been rewarded with the GOOD DESIGN award two years in a row, making this a car you certainly will consider when you have to buy a new vehicle. The IONIQ will be at dealerships in the US soon to give us a car that you’ll love to drive and enjoy the low to no emissions.

01.10.17 - Hyundai IONIQ

Written by Nathan Ehinger

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