Sales Woes in a Sales Boom

Both 2015 and 2016 were record breaking years for the automotive industry with sales that were higher than ever expected. The future is bright for automakers with more new drivers on the US market than ever before and a variety of new ways to use cars such as ride sharing, ownership sharing and the development of new technology. Even though the sales are through the roof for the industry as a whole, there are still some cars that have experienced a sales slump this year and it might be enough to keep them from coming back in the future.

Volkswagen Golf R – As a car that looks like it should sell well; the performance model of the Golf just wasn’t a hit. Wat is due to the scandal that VW was involved in? Was it because this car didn’t change its look that much from the typical Golf? It’s hard to say, but the Golf R didn’t make the impact in the market VW expected at all.

Mazda MX-5 Miata – This is a car that’s never been expected to sell in high numbers. It’s always been a small two-seater roadster with lots of fun from the driving position, but it’s not a people carrier or cargo hauler which puts it in a niche category. Still, this is a car that you would have thought would have sold better than it did in 2016.

BMW 3 SeriesThe most popular car from BMW took a hit this year. Even though this one of the most enjoyable cars to drive and it comes in many forms for us to decide which one works best, it might be time for BMW to restyle this car and bring us something new and more exciting that will make us want to drive the 3 Series more than we do now.

Alfa Romeo 4CThis car isn’t a surprise either. The 4C is like buying a much more expensive Miata because of the niche market. Thankfully Alfa Romeo is bringing us a sedan and an SUV over the next several months, otherwise we might see them depart from the North American marketplace once again.

Ford FiestaUnless you have a car that offers you a ton of added equipment or is an obvious performance machine, a small car like this doesn’t typically do well in America. The Fiesta does get the ST model for this next year and that may help turn things around for this small and fun to drive car that didn’t sell like it was expected to.

BMW i3The trouble with the i3 is the look. While it is enjoyable to drive around town and certainly has impressive technology it doesn’t look like much more than a simple hatchback and at the price asked, that’s not enough to sell us on this car. Hopefully the i3 Will develop into something of a performance model or a bit more or it won’t make the cut.

Porsche Boxster and CaymanThese mid-engine cars are better than they’ve been in the past, but for some reason they have sold at a much slower rate than expected. The price has actually come down on these cars and now they’re more fun to drive, but the 911 continues to be the king of sales for Porsche and these two leave us scratching our heads.

Chevrolet SSThis car isn’t even close to a surprise. As a car that didn’t have the support needed from Chevrolet the past few years it seems like GM couldn’t wait for this powerful RWD sedan to be deleted from the market and with the abysmal sales that took place in 2016 they can finally shut the door on a car they didn’t want in the lineup any longer.

Mini CooperThis is a car that seems to fit everyone, but in reality fits only a small number of people. The Cooper is a niche car that offers a singular look and comes in a variety of builds. Unless you’re looking for a car that appears to have jumped out of the pages of the 1960s, you will probably look elsewhere, which explains the poor sales performance.

Nissan GT-RThis is a car that is ready for a refresh and is probably overdue by the number of sales. This model has been on the road since 2007 and is ready to be refreshed so that we can have a new version of the high priced and highly powerful sports car from Nissan. Its time and the sales tell us Nissan needs to take action now.

01.11.17 - Alfa Romeo 4C

Written by Jesseb Shiloh