The Chevrolet Bolt EV Receives a Famous Nod of Approval

One of the most recognizable nerds in the world is Bill Nye. His famous PBS television show “Bill Nye the Science Guy” is perfect for kids to learn how much fun science really can be and to help them get excited about the ever changing world that we live in. Nye is a person that’s held in high regard when it comes to how things work and the products he uses which makes the fact that he now drives a new Chevrolet Bolt EV as his daily ride an important seal of approval on his part.

The Bolt isn’t Bill Nye’s first EV either, it’s actually his seventh. Previously he’s driven one of the original EV1 models, a Mini E, a BMW i3, a Ford Focus Electric, a Nissan Leaf and a Volkswagen e-Golf. That’s over twenty years of EV driving and he even owns a Toyota Prius as well. There’s no doubt he’s committed to making the drive with these EV models and with the new Bolt he’s able to drive even farther than he’s ever been able to in the past. In the past he had to drive his Prius on a daily basis because his drive was nearly 100 miles a day, but with the Bolt he no longer has to be concerned with the range and how far he drives.

Bill Nye chose the Kinetic Blue color and has enjoyed the Bolt ever since taking delivery of it. He seems to enjoy the rear three quarter view and the way the birds eye view is assembled by the cameras that make up the system of visibility for this car. His Bolt EV is fitted with the video camera rear view mirror and he says the ride is excellent and his smartphone connected right away to the infotainment system of this car.

The best part of the experience for Nye is the way he spreads the word about EV driving. He tries to give rides whenever he can to show off the car and let others see just how amazing this vehicle is. He called the reaction others get when they step inside and enjoy a ride the “EV smile” once they see how far this car can go in between charges. Now that Bill Nye has the Bolt EV his Prius hardly ever gets used because he knows he has more than enough range to get where he needs to go on a daily basis.

The previous EV models he had weren’t able to handle the daily driving on one charge for him, but now he’s comfortable making road trips all over Southern California. His goal isn’t just to show off the Bolt EV he has, but to help get more people excited about it and have them ready to buy their own right away. If Bill Nye isn’t a salesman for Chevrolet he should be considering how much he loves his Bolt EV, but as a longtime owner of EV models, he understands the importance of this long range EV that’s more affordable than ever.

03.08.17 - Bill Nye the Science Guy

Written by Jesseb Shiloh