The Chrysler Concept Built for the Younger Generation

The next wave of car owners is the Millennial Generation and this generation is connected. They are connected across several social medial platforms, they stay informed of what’s going on every day and they look for the best way to enjoy the items they buy on a regular basis. As a whole they want more items to be automated and have had a hand in bringing an integrated use of technology to the world to help us have a lifestyle that allows us to get more done automatically. This generation of car owners are going to want the right vehicle with a futuristic design for their young families; at least that’s what Chrysler feels.

The entire design and creation of the new Chrysler Portal Concept was built around the idea that we need a vehicle that’s built specifically for this generation that will give them something a new and young family can ride in and feel they have a vehicle that’s made the way they want it to be built. The thought behind the Portal Concept is such a millennial concept that this vehicle wasn’t even taken to Detroit to be revealed, but instead was shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

There’s nothing that allows us to think this concept would come to the market as a production vehicle, but it appears we can see what Chrysler is thinking for the look and build of the future. The Portal showed up with more in car communication and technology than any other vehicle has had in the past. This was accomplished with the help of the team from Panasonic that was present to ensure the design and integration would be seamless and flawless in the new Portal Concept vehicle.

The design and build of the Portal Concept are made to be upgradable. This is part of what the next generation wants and needs. We see new technology offered on a multi-annual basis and we want to be able to enjoy the new technology and information whenever we can. This can’t happen if we are stuck in a car loan for sixty months and only twelve months in a new tech is offered on the market. By making this vehicle configurable and upgradable Chrysler can address this situation and offer the improvements necessary to allow the Portal to improve from year to year.

Not only can this vehicle be upgraded but it showed off with the items needed to make it an autonomous driving vehicle of the future when that technology is offered. The Portal Concept was built to ride on an electric platform and be a fully EV minivan that offers as much as 250 miles of driving range using the single electric motor that will drive the front wheels. This concept showed up at CES with a set of unique sliding doors that move fore and aft to open generously to the cabin area for easier access by all passengers.

Will Chrysler build the Portal off this concept vehicle? Right now that seems a far in the future idea but you can see where the thought process at Chrysler is with the Portal. Bringing a vehicle to the market that can be upgraded, configured several different ways and makes a difference for the next generation of car owners is exactly what could help continue to carry Chrysler into the future. As this next generation begins to have children they need to have the vehicles that will give them exactly what they want in the form of connectivity and performance all built on an EV platform.

03.03.17 - Chrysler Portal Concept

Written by Rocco Penn

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