Taking the Top Prize

What’s the most famous track in the world? Nurburgring is, of course. This track is 13.1 miles long and is the most harrowing and hardcore race track you can find in the world. This is where more cars go to test their wares and where more cars go to lose the battle with the track, especially when they try and take on the Green Hell portion of this amazing race track. While there may never be anything quite as amazing as this track set in the German hills, one location is trying to top Nurburgring.

Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch is located in Pahrump, NV and is becoming the destination in the US for racing enthusiasts to come and test out their skills. The owner, John Morris, bought the track and grounds in 2004 and has been transforming it into an “Adult Disneyland” where you can come and have an awesome time racing on the current 2.2-mile racetrack. The vision that Morris has is to build a track on the grounds that will be fifteen miles long and become the longest race track in the world, topping the track at Nurburgring by nearly two full miles.

That isn’t all Morris has planned for this location. He’s already working on turning the grounds, which will eventually cover a full 900 acres, into a luxury resort and city where people can live and race. He’s already turned much of the area in to a luxury resort and has an 18-million gallon lake on the grounds for visitors to enjoy stand up paddle boarding. He’s already put in a shooting range and a landing are for jets that also works as drag strip for the drag racing that can be held on the grounds. The goal is to build the Spring Mountain area up to offer 200 lots for homes, a hotel, restaurants, theaters, a car wash, a coffee shop and even a water treatment plant.

Currently the Corvette Driving School is located at this track and Cadillac has opened a performance academy at Spring Mountain as well. The cost to join is expensive, but for those who are looking for a fun place to learn to race and live this could be the right place to have a great tome and have your home nearby as well. This vision seems like the right idea for those who have the disposable income to have this much fun.

Will Spring Mountain become the next Nurburgring? While a track in Nevada has its appeal it will be a long time before any track can compart to the lauded ‘Ring in Germany. We’ll have to see what Morris actually puts together and if there will be any areas that become quite as frustrating but also as popular as the Green Hell is right now. Even if this track doesn’t become the most famous or the most challenging, it can still be the longest race track in the world, which is what Morris wants it to be.

04.03.17 - Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch

Written by Nathan Ehinger

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