Ford is Making Media Changes that Make Sense

The digital age has ushered in some great ways for us to be entertained and to carry along the music and videos we want to enjoy. With the use of smartphones you can have all the music you want and the movies you can enjoy through the services and apps your phone happens to support and offer you as a mobile entertainment device. Because we rely more on our smartphones than we ever have in the past there have been changes that make it easier to connect in our vehicles, but Ford is working to take this even farther for us.

Ford has been one of the leaders in the automotive market for over a century and this company has been on the front of the technology boom at nearly every turn. We’ve loved the F-150 more than any other truck and now it comes with a lighter aluminum body, the EcoBoost engines have given us more power and fuel mileage from a smaller engine and we’ve seen the advancements of new transmissions as the result of collaboration with GM. These changes haven’t given us the technology we’re talking about just yet, but what’s coming will certainly give you a great way to be entertained when on the road.

One of the most popular family SUVs on the market is the Ford Expedition. This SUV is going to be the ultimate in mobile entertainment with a new onboard Wi-Fi system that will allow you to connect up to ten devices at the same time. This will make it easy for you to have the connectivity you want on the road. In order to make this even better, Ford will offer the benefit of live TV streaming into the Expedition by making use of the new Wi-Fi system and some additional items.

You will be able to use an app called SlingPlayer that will give you a live TV stream into the back of the Expedition and broadcast on the screens in the back of the front seat headrests. The SlingPlayer app works by using the Slingbox that comes from Sling Media. All you have to do is hook up your cable or satellite TV box to the Slingbox and the signal can be projected over the internet to the devices you want to watch TV on. This allows you to have the SlingPlayer broadcast sent into the Expedition while you’re on the road.

Another change you’ll see with the Ford entertainment packages is a deletion. There seems to be no need to have CD player in a vehicle anymore and Ford will now use the space that was used for the CD player to give you an additional cargo bin in the new EcoSport crossover SUV. This will give you the right way to enjoy being connected on the road and have the space that makes sense. Since most of us carry more songs in our phones than we ever could in a CD case, this is a great way to make use of what the Ford offers.

We’ve gone from barely being able to have AM/FM radio in some parts of the country to being able to bring live TV broadcasts and digital music into the vehicles we drive. With this change for the Ford Expedition, you’ll see an impressive amount of new connectivity and entertainment options that make it easy for you to have the ride you want and the entertainment you’ll love. Check out the new Ford Expedition and see what this SUV has for you when you’re looking for the right way to drive and give your family the entertainment system they want.

04.14.17 - Ford Expedition Interior

Written by Jesseb Shiloh