Moving Forward for Tesla

The Tesla brand has experienced surges in its price and recently saw that it happens to have more profits than it has had in the past. The news of the upcoming Model 3 which is now only a few months away has helped create this boom in the stock price for Tesla and now the company is positioning itself in a position that will allow it to be the right company for many people to enjoy on the road. If it finds a way to pull of the mass production needs of having the Model 3 in the stable of vehicles Tesla will eventually be able to offer its cars to more customers than ever and experience a ton if impressive profits and success.

Recent announcements form Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla allows us to know that this brand is on the rise with new models that will be revealed over the next several months to a couple of years. The movement will begin with an upcoming semi-truck that’s been in the works for a while now and is close to being ready to be unveiled, after this truck is ready to be shown we will see a new Tesla Roadster that will make its appearance in a few years and somewhere in between the two will be an actual pickup truck.

The semi has been in the plans for a while and was unveiled as being in the early stages of development but this truck will need more charging hardware to be able to take to the roads and be able to deliver the goods desired where needed. While Tesla might tell us this semi is only a few months away from being a reality, this company hasn’t been known for being good with deadlines and timelines, but they have consistently delivered what was expected eventually.

With these announcements you can easily see the direction this company plans to go in order to be ready to take on the industry and deliver EV models that can provide the excellent offerings we want to have. As Tesla moves toward offering us something in each of the different markets of the automotive world the goals become clear that Tesla plans to enter every part of transportation at some time. The news as to whether the semi-truck would be for short or long haul trucking hasn’t been announced yet.

One of the models that hasn’t been announced yet is the future Model Y which is expected to be the compact crossover SUV that will be built on the same platform as the Model 3. This new SUV is still a few years away from being a realistic item for us to enjoy, but this vehicle will eventually be in the market with many of the other small models we’ve seen in the SUVs. First though, the Model 3 needs to make its way to the market and be free of any issues for those who have put their confidence in this car.

While there are over 400,000 people who have a deposit for the Model 3 this car will be offered at the price that will be affordable for nearly every budget to be enjoyed on the road. If this car is a success and is at least mostly on time with deliveries it will pave the road for more confidence on the market from more customers. Only time will tell what Tesla is able to offer but you can see they plan to build more vehicles that offer us a chance at being able to enjoy the daily capability you need rather than the luxury performance offered right now.

05.26.17 - Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Written by Rocco Penn

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