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If you haven’t been aware of the power of Dodge in the past few years you’re probably in a different field or simply aren’t somewhere that 707 horsepower could play. Let me enlighten you; the Dodge brand has put what is called the Hellcat engine under the hood of the Charger and Challenger to create high powered machines that are performance monsters. These two cars use impressive 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engines that produce the lauded 707 horsepower that many of us have enjoyed, but there are several performance based models across the lineup of both cars.

For the 2017 model year Dodge is bringing back two nameplates that have been gone for many years to give us yet more performance models to enjoy. These two names are the Daytona for the Charger and T/A for the Challenger. These have both been highly admired performance trims in the past and have given us the look and feel that we’ve loved. Now these two will take their rightful place among their other trim names on the Dodge brand lineup and be ready to give you the ride you’ve been after in cars that are performance ready and perfect for you to enjoy the ride.

The Challenger T/A will show up with either the R/T 5.7-liter V8 engine or the ferocious power of the 6.4-liter Hemi V8. This is a car that will take inspiration from what the T/A was when it was originally included on the Challenger of old. This means there will be a 2.75-inch active exhaust system that uses a conical Mopar air filter. This doesn’t necessarily mean there will be more horsepower for either of the T/A trims with the 5.7-liter bringing in 375 ponies and the 6.4-liter offering 485 but the power may be more available sooner, or the car could just look that much better.

On the hood of the T/A model there will be a Satin Black hood regardless of the engine under the hood. This Satin Black will make an appearance on the front fascia, roof, rear deck and the body stripes of the car. The wheels this trim will ride on are 20-inch Mopar wheels that are bathed in black and are an inch wider than the normal wheels which may be exactly what is needed to give the car more performance when its chosen in the T/A trim level.

While you’ll be able to choose from two engines for the T/A Challenger you can also chose form three different trims for this car. The T/A base will be as described with the T/A Plus model adds the comfort of heated and ventilated Nappa leather seats, an 8.4-ich Uconnect system that brings in the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto you want so you can be fully connected and a six-speaker audio system. The T/A 392 is the trim used for the larger and more powerful engine with wider wheels and Brembo six-piston caliper brakes to give you the performance stopping power you’re going to need.

Of course we haven’t forgotten about the Charger and what it will offer you. The new Charger Daytona gives you four-doors of screaming fun when you want it. The upgrades to bring this car to life are the same as what you find on the Challenger T/A and the top speed will be increased from 135 to 150 mph. The Satin Black features will make their appearance on this car and you’ll love the way this car shows off and gives you everything you’re looking for, especially in the Daytona 392 model as the highest trim.

These two gorgeous models are already available to you for order from your local Dodge dealer and make it possible for you to enjoy a seriously impressive ride without going all the way to the Hellcat model. These trims bring in the names we’ve known in the past on these models to remind us of the heyday of serious muscle car power from Dodge. If you’re ready to check out these models and put more power and more fun on the road with the car you drive, head to your local Dodge dealer today and see what these trims have to offer.

01.31.17 - Dodge Challenger TA and Charger Daytona

Written by Nathan Ehinger

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