Will the New Ram Bring More With It?

The Ram lineup is due to be revamped with a new platform and build for the 2018 model year. This change will give us a new truck that may lose some of the aerodynamic fighting ability that Ram trucks have been known for. The expectation is the new Ram will have similar looks and features to what we have now but be able to cut air much easier than the truck that’s on the platform currently. This could be an important factor in learning what else the new Ram platform could be used for.

That’s right, FCA will use the Ram platform of the body on frame, which trucks are typically built from, to create a new look and a new build and maybe even new vehicles. Does this mean we might see a Ram SUV in a brand that has been spurned from Dodge and is strictly made for trucks and work vans? It is possible for this brand to have SUVs and a new SUV that falls under the Ram name might not be compared to some ghost of a vehicle that older generations drove many years in the past.

A brand new Ram SUV could show a fresh start for the brand and just might allow the Ram brand to grow and feel more like the GMC brand for GM. To date, GMC offers us trucks, work vans and SUVs and does quite well, even giving us trim levels that reach up in the luxury build and create the interest we want to have for the vehicles. Could Ram become a modern form of the GMC brand or is FCA convinced they need to offer the new SUVs that come off the Ram platform under other names to keep our interest?

One major difference between FCA and GM is that GM doesn’t have the most popular SUV only brand in the industry. In fact, FCA has a unique position with the way its vehicles are presented with the Ram and Jeep brands offerings strictly separate products. When you buy an FCA SUV model from the Jeep brand you know and expect this vehicle to be able to perform well on the trails and to be able to take on the challenges that come about when looking to be the right model built to for the task at hand.

In addition to the new Ram based SUVs being put under the Jeep name, originally these two were going to be based off the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, the names will be that of models that we’ve longed for. The target for FCA is the Land Rover lineup and being able to offer highly competitive luxury models that will sell better and be more of what we want while also being highly profitable for the company. These two new Ram based SUVs will be the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer and they will be built alongside the new Ram and show up around 2020.

This news does make sense and the way these two names have been respected in the market for years certainly should cause a great deal of sales clamor for the vehicles. It might be nice to sometime soon see FCA come out with something original that will give us a new model to review instead of regurgitations of what we’ve had in the past. Maybe once FCA is in the black financially and past the release date of these two luxury SUV models will we see them take some serious chances and bring us a new model that we’ve never seen before on the market.

01.27.17 - Dodge Ram Logo

Written by Jesseb Shiloh