Where are They Sent

We spend several months discussing the Volkswagen diesel scandal and now that we seem to be on the back end of it we can hopefully move past it for this brand. This scandal affected over 600,000 models in the US and put more emissions into the air than allowable which meant the need to pull them off the road. These TDI models have been in the buyback phase of being returned for a few months now, but the question now is where all these vehicles have gone. These TDI models from VW aren’t allowed to be resold, so what’s happened with these cars.

In order to have a place to send these cars, at least a large number of them, you need a site that can hold a lot of them that isn’t going to be used for anything else. There has been at least one location used for this purpose in order to collect many of the VW models that have been deemed to be illegal to be driven on the road. The trouble was finding a place that showed itself to be the right location where this number of vehicles could be kept before they are demolished.

The location currently deemed to be the place to send these cheating diesel models from Volkswagen was the Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan. This stadium is no longer being used and the real estate hasn’t been deemed to be needed for anything currently, which makes it the perfect storage location. Since this location has been determined to be the place to store these models until they are shipped out, the country to be destroyed because these vehicles aren’t allowed to be dismantled for fear parts would be sold off or used for repair of models that are still on the road.

The video below gives you an idea of just how many of these vehicles have been returned during a first phase of this scandal. The fact is, this isn’t even the only site for the VW models to be returned, it happens to be the one that’s shown in this video. There are at least five more sites that are just as large as the Silverdome parking lots and could also be several more that are smaller with fewer vehicles on the site. These cars are simply being placed in these lots for now until they are ready to be disposed of.

While Volkswagen has for the most part been able to move past the diesel scandal and start creating a new wave of EV models and hybrid versions for us to enjoy. Hopefully these different locations where the TDI models that have been collected and bought back will be cleared out soon in order to send them to where they need to go to be destroyed. Once these models are cleared out, there will be all but no evidence of there ever being a diesel scandal from Volkswagen where it will simply be a bad memory that Volkswagen will be more than happy to forget about in the future.

04.25.17 - Pontiac Silverdome

Written by Scott Boyd

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